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Post  Emmy on Fri Oct 12, 2012 3:36 am

Because I came across some noob who first played against Seto (fair set, unfair player), and proceeded to spam join Speechless's lv 3 games for around 5-6x, and put up his own no rules game on lv 8-10 and Speechless took that one too, and I felt bad... I sent him a letter. Saving the letter here so if I come across it again with another fresh meat account, I can just copy/paste.


Subject: Welcome to TTA! Smile


Welcome to TTA! Since you are new here, and I noticed you playing a few games, decided to give you an introductory letter. Smile

1. New players are strongly encouraged to play random games. Several players (myself included) have all the cards, or nearly so, and in non-random games, we can create any hand we want and that includes hands and sets that are designed to beat newer players with minimal skill or effort required. In a random game, we have equal chance of getting a poor hand as you do, and therefore would need to use skill to beat you.

8 cards per level minimum is required to play random. Most new accounts with a starter deck can play random in level 1-4. With the additional points you have received at the start, and points earned through games, you can purchase more cards through the card shop, auction house, or card palace.

2. If you have never played this game before, or it has been a while, please take the time to read the basic tutorial located here:

3. If you understand basic rules of the game, but would like to take your game further, occult fan articles are a good read. I recommend starting with this one:

4. Get involved with the community. Chat found here: and forums found here:

Unofficial newbie help and challenge room is #challenge. (type /join #challenge upon entering TTA IRC) Alternately, you can get involved with clans.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. Smile
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